Ask your HILEVEL representative for more information on the Griffin SEE-RAD Test System.

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The SEE-RAD test system brings together the proven features of our ETS780 tester (such as true APG memory test and powerful FA tools) with the newest technology of the Griffin III. With all new high-accuracy DC Parametrics, superior precision pin drivers, and capture memory of 64M, the Griffin SEE-RAD combines the newest innovations in the test industry with our years of experience in Radiation Test.

Test rates up to 100MHz (50MHz All Modes)
True APG Memory Test
Two strobes per cycle
Up to 512 pins
Real time failure counter
Display "capture fails only" mode
High-speed acquisition search
Full "next cycle" operation
64Meg capture depth
Programmable loads and parallel loads
Multiple high-precision DC PMU units
Timing On-the-Fly

Crucial to good signals over long cables is the quality of the pin drivers for signal consistency and to reduce noise to a minimum. For noise is additive, and noise being present on the lines at the moment of exposure and observation has a likelihood that is real, even if the possibility is low. The key is a high quality driver and reliable environment. The HiLevel drivers are better than ever, delivering 50 mA of drive current in a controlled 50-Ohm environment, even being programmable to drive below 0 volts. And our internal programmable loads help with termination to keep DUT output signals clean.