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The wafer has been fully tested, cut and packaged. Today's IC manufacturers are finding tremendous cost savings in performing just fast DC tests on these packaged parts rather than running the full wafer tests all over again. Until now this required either an expensive full-power IC tester, or a "rack-n-stack" collection of instruments. Enter the HILEVEL DC3 Co-Optive Parametric Tester. No more instruments, no switching matrix, no tricky software. The DC3 combines a high-precision DC-PMU and internal DUT supplies to test up to 2,048 pins, all in a single chassis with Multi-Site capability up to 64 sites. And every DC3 includes our Classic Curve Trace feature, allowing easy curve tracing on every pin.

The "Co-Optive" power of the DC3 sets it apart from other low-cost DC test solutions. The DC3 is designed to work in partnership with your own logic stimulus resource to take test beyond DC leakage and continiuity. Now you can use a DC Parametric system to verify Voh, Vol, and more.