Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to our  FAQ page. The information below may help you to learn more about HiLevel. If you have a question that is not addressed below, feel free to email your questions to

Q: Why would one use an Engineering tester for Production?
A: Specifications for quality Engineering testers reveal high precision, resolution, and accuracy. Hilevel testers offer high precision DCPMUs and excellent timing edge placement resolution -- credentials that are typically found only in the most costly Production test systems. High accuracy is insured by regular NIST calibration. When an Engineering tester has been enriched with Production Test features (such as Multi-site, built-in prober and handler support, and C automation tools), it becomes an attractive alternative to multi-million dollar traditional Production testers.

Q: Your spec says 100MHz but also says 200MHz. Which is it?
A: Hilevel considers a tester's maximum speed to be that in which every function of the tester is available. That's 100MHz. Some in the industry use a "definition" that says being able to place two edge transition in one clock cycle "effectively" doubles the speed. That can be misleading to users that don't find this out until after they have bought the system. In order to level the playing field in the specmanship game, we provide both specifications. Count on Hilevel to tell it like it is and you won't be disappointed.

Q: What assurances are there that your testers are high quality?
A: Our systems have gone through the arduous and costly process of being CE certified as as well as ISO9000 certification. We also have been given the "All Green" designation by the U.S. Navy Federal Supply Class (FSC) and have the support of Motorola's Six Sigma Process. We have had Q.C. Survey & Plant Inspections by U.S. Government suppliers    and have a history of excellent MTBF. Hilevel systems are proudly American made and undergo rigorous testing and quality inspections. Quality has always been Job One ever since our founding in 1979.

Q: How do your testers offer such performance and features and yet are so affordable?
A: We always strive to explore new innovations in technology to keep our products on the cutting edge. Indeed, Hilevel has been at the forefront of new concepts that others then attempt to copy, such as our introduction of the "Tester-in-a-Head" design in 1986. We've even had competitors buy a tester from us to try to figure out how we do it!    And we keep both our prices and costs down by employing a known strategy: Volume.

Q: By expanding your product line to now include Curve Tracers and DC Parametric systems, aren't you concerned about diluting your dedication to high-performance IC testers?
A: Not at all. Our test systems already include the Curve Trace feature and precision DC Parametrics that make up these new products. For users that only need a continuity tester or curve tracer, they can now acquire these high-performance capabilities as "instruments" without having to purchase a complete tester. For Hilevel, it will be easy to support them because they are simply a subset of existing products.

Q: Should I be concerned about Hilevel being classified as "Small Business"?
A: Large companies may have a lot of resources, but they can be ponderously slow. With a smaller, more dynamic company, the path to solutions can be very swift since all the players can communicate directly with each other. A team of tightly-knit cohesive members can also ride the tides of changing times without stockholders pulling strings within corporate decision-making. Our many years of outstanding support repeat customers testify to the advantages of operating as "Small Business".
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