HiLevel chip test systems are available in several configurations, meeting your needs for your application. Do you need a Production Tester? Failure Analysis? Prototype Verification? HiLevel systems master all of these tasks quickly and easily. Our newest member of the fleet is the ETS788, a general purpose 55/110 MHz test system that also supports memory test. Check out the Griffin SEE-RAD, optimized for Single Event Effects testing. Next is the CurveMaster, a high performance curve tracer capable of high pincount device testing. The all new Griffin III is a redesigned powerhouse, loaded with features. For fast throughput with DC and SCAN test only, consider the Griffin III Hybrid. Test continuity, VI, and leakage quickly with the new DC3 Co-Optive Parametric system. The ETS880 TITAN is our direct-docking 200MHz production tester. Just click on the system that best fits your needs:
ETS788 DC3
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Griffin III

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