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The G3 Hybrid is a state of the art system for fast Production test throughput in DC test applications.  The system combines the most versatile offerings of features in a single zero-footprint system. For devices requiring DC and Continuity test capability only, G3H is a very flexible cost-effective Production Test solution.   This approach provides a DC test system with the capability to add logic resources (AC/SCAN) as well as analog resources for Mixed Signal. The HILEVEL G3H embraces all of these great features while supporting SCAN, giving you the ability to toggle every node in your chip.  

Test rates up to 200MHz (100MHz All Modes)
Eight high-speed clocks up to 500MHz with compliment outputs
Two strobes per cycle
Up to 1,024 DC pins
Up to 128 AC/DC logic pins
Up to 40 DUT power supplies for Multi-site testing
Real time failure counter
Display "capture fails only" mode
High-speed acquisition search
Full "next cycle" operation
Scan up to 128 chains, up to 8Gbit

64Meg test vector depth and capture depth
Programmable loads and parallel loads
Multiple high-precision DC PMU units
Timing On-the-Fly
Mixed Signal Option with MX2