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In 1986, HiLevel boldly created the industry's first "tester-in-a-head", the TOPAZ-V. Now we're introducing the ETS880 TITAN, taking the TOPAZ-V legacy further than ever. The newest member of the HiLevel family boasts up to 1,024 logic pins, or up to 4,096 DC pins (or combination of both), 400MHz clocks, mixed signal, direct docking, and data rates of up to 200MHz, plus two compare strobes per cycle. HiLevel's tradition of competitive pricing and performance means that the TITAN is the perfect solution for Production Test.

Test rates up to 200MHz (100MHz All Modes)
Clocks up to 400MHz
Two strobes per cycle
High Pin Count: Up to 1,024 logic pins in ONE Chassis
Optionally supports up 4,096 DC pins, or combination of both
Direct Docking precision manipulator
Low Cost
Up to 64Meg test vector depth
Programmable loads and parallel loads
Multiple DC PMU units
Timing On-the-Fly
Mixed Signal Option